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England, 1866…An assassin has been hired to kill the United States Ambassador to Britain and the covert operative, Dagger, must protect the diplomat while ferreting out the assassin. And in order to stay close to the Ambassador, Dagger, in his real identity as Elijah Sinclair, Viscount Gilchrist must play escort to and ultimately protect the man’s two American nieces, Aurora and Ginny, from danger.

England – 1865…Caitlyn Cody Carrington has come from America to England on a quest to exonerate her great-uncle accused of treason.  But his supposed act of treason is but a ploy to ferret out an elusive double-agent. She is asked to play the role of angry, vengeful great-niece in the hopes of attracting the double-agent who will wish to use her disgruntlement to his advantage.  Serving as a spy for the Crown, she must report to the mysterious spymaster, Raven, and partner with the charismatic Jonas Jacobs, Earl of Huntingdon.  Both men intrigue, confuse and enthrall her…until she discovers why they both captivate her so. 

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London, 1888…Two serial killers, Leather Apron (Jack the Ripper) and the Torso Killer are mutilating women in the slums of Whitechapel.  But even in the bedchambers of the peerage, a killer is claiming lives. A determined Lady Kiera Everett wishes to hire the Zane Brothers Detective Agency to prove that her sickly father, and two other ailing members of the peerage, were murdered by their attending nurse, named in each man’s Will, but only if Keira can be involved in the investigation, much to Zachary Zane’s chagrin. And soon the murders of Whitechapel intersect with the investigation conducted by the Zane brothers.

London, 1888… Leather Apron (Jack the Ripper) is claiming victims in Whitechapel.  And Isabel Haynes achingly fears that her cousin, the enigmatic Thomas Haynes Cutbush, could be the serial killer.  She hires the Zane Brothers Detective Agency to determine if her fears are founded. The roguish Noah Zane is determined to find the truth while protecting the captivating Isabel to whom he is losing his heart.

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